S.C. Braga

S.C. Braga

  • Location: Braga, Portugal
  • Stadium: Estádio Municipal de Braga
  • Coach: Artur Jorge
  • UEFA Europa League Titles: 0

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Portuguese Cup Winner: 2020-2021 , 2015-2016 , 1965-1966

Portuguese League Cup Winner: 2019-2020 , 2012-2013

SC Braga is a top team in the Portuguese Primeira Liga. The team has been pushing hard to close the gap against the top teams as they try to play in various European competitions, and fortunately, they made it into the 2022-23 UEFA Europa League season. SC Braga continues to represent Portugal across the continent. 

The club has been for over 100 years, and they continue to find the right spot for themselves. The Portuguese league remains solid with different top teams with clubs like Porto, Sporting CP, Benfica, etc. SC Braga keeps pushing to break the top three’s hold on the league.

SC Braga General Info

The club’s full name is Sporting Clube de Braga, also known as Sporting de Braga or simply Braga. They are a sports club in Portugal, located in Braga. They play in the Primeira Liga and have become one of the top teams in the division, which consists of 18 teams.

SC Braga plays their football at the Estadio Municipal de Braga, which has a capacity of 30,360. The team has many nicknames, including Os Arcebispos, The Archbishops, Os Arsenalistas, The Arsenalists, and the Arsenal do Minho, Minho’s Arsenal. Other nicknames include Minhotos, Os Guerreiros do Minho, and Braguistas.

SC Braga History

SC Braga started its journey on the 19th of January, 1921. At the start, the team’s colors were green and white. But during the 1945-46 season, the team changed its colors to red and white for the reserve squad before the first team got the change in the 1946-47 season.

Because of this change, they were nicknamed the Arsenalists since they share the same colors as the English team, Arsenal, and the team’s president at the time, Jose Antunes Guimaraes, was an Arsenal fan. They went on to qualify for the first division in 1947, and the team’s youth side was renamed, Arsenal de Braga.

The Arsenal name and brand stuck with the team, and they retained it as part of the brand for many years. Aside from that, the team has won multiple titles over the years.

SC Braga Records

SC Braga stats show that the team has had a formidable history. They’ve been playing high since they made it into the first division for the 1947-48 season. Although the team hasn’t won the first division title, they’ve gotten close and won domestic titles.

The team was runners-up in the Primeira Liga for the 2009-10 season. And they were runners-up for the UEFA Europa League in the 2010-11 season. Undoubtedly, the team can always get better and add more titles to their portfolio as time goes on. We expect them to keep pushing for more championships and records.

Championships Won

SC Braga stats show that since the team was created, they’ve won some championships in Portugal and on the international stage. Although they don’t have a massive portfolio of championships, the team has collected quite a few trophies since they became a club in the Portuguese division. And as a result, we expect them to add more to the list over time.

They’ve never won the Primeira Liga, but they’ve won the Second Division trophy, the Taca de Liga multiple times, the Taca de Portugal, and the UEFA Intertoto Cup before it was discontinued. So, the team has a pretty standard cabinet that can grow bigger.

Historical Events

One of the top historical events for SC Braga came in the 1946-47 season when they won the Portuguese Segunda division. The team got promoted to the first division because of that, and they started their push for European football. Another top historical moment was when they won the Taca de Portugal championship in the 1965-66 season.

Championship Won by SC Braga

The team has won multiple championships, thanks to their various incredible eras over the years. Although they’ve not been able to win the First Division title, they have some exciting championships in their cabinet, which is worth celebrating. So, below are the championships won by SC Braga in their 100+ years of existence. 

  • UEFA Intrrtoto Cup
  • Portuguese Segunda Division
  • Taca da Liga
  • Taca de Portugal
  • Taca Federacao Portuguese de Futebol


The SC Braga roster remains primarily unchanged for the 2022-23 season. SC Braga betting
shows that The team looks to maintain top form in the league and ensure they are part of next season’s European competitions. Therefore, we look forward to a mixed team with youngsters and experienced players. These players will remain a pivotal part of the journey.

The team’s lineup doesn’t change much. Artur Jorge maintains almost the same lineup for matches, and we most likely see Matheus take charge of the goalposts. The formation is also the traditional 4-4-2 style with double 6s to ensure that the team has enough cover for the four defenders, giving them a chance to help the attackers.

SC Braga had some activities during the last transfer window. Some new players came into the team, and some left for another. They have a formidable team that can give enough wins. 

  • Top Arrivals: Uros Racic, Simon Banza, Victor Gomez, Diego Lainez, Sikou Niakate
  • Top Departures: David Carmo, Francisco Moura, Joao Novias, Mario Gonzalz, Lucas Miniero.

Braga has had many coaches handle the team in its 100-year history. The team has enjoyed many exciting periods thanks to some of these coaches. They’ve helped push the team to a high level over the years. So, we want to check out some of the best managers to have handled the SC Braga team over the years and delivered many accolades. 

  • Jozsef Szabo
  • Domingos
  • Carlos Garcia
  • Antonio Oliviera
  • Manuel Cajuda

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