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Golf Schedule

Breaking Down the Golf Schedule

Golf is a sport that is played outdoors, and therefore it can only be played when the weather is right for it. The current PGA Tour schedule covers 38 weeks. There is at least 1 tournament played every single week during that time. 

The biggest golf tournaments in the world are the Majors, and three of them are played over a two-month span over the summer. The Masters is the first major golf tournament every year, and it’s played in the middle of April.

One thing that is unique about golf is that some of the locations change for the biggest tournaments. The U.S. Open is prorated throughout the country, and there are other non-major events that have some rotations as well. 

Golf Introduction

The game of golf dates all the way back to the 15th century as it was invented in Scotland. Like any sport, the rules of golf have changed and evolved over time, but it’s a pretty basic concept. 

Golf is a sport that asks players to get the ball in the hole in the least amount of shots possible. Each hole starts from a tee box and then ends up on what is known as a green. 

New clubs have been added over the years as well, and those clubs have made hitting shots easier. There is no clock when it comes to golf, and each player is trying to post a score that is lower than the rest of the competition. 

History of Golf Schedule

Golf is a sport that has been played for hundreds of years, and the PGA Tour was founded all the way back in 1929. The PGA Tour didn’t really have a set season until just a few years ago and there are now 40 events that span over 38 weeks. 

The format of the actual golf tournaments hasn’t changed much as they have always been on the weekends, and most were always four rounds. PGA Tour events might change their location each year, but the dates and times stay the same on the calendar. 

Main Events on Golf Schedule

The PGA Tour has done a tremendous job of putting together a great schedule that lasts throughout the year. All of the events bring plenty of excitement and action, but the biggest events on the golf schedule are the four major golf tournaments. 

The four major golf tournaments include:

  • Masters
  • U.S. Open
  • PGA Championship
  • Open Championship

These tournaments always draw the best players in the world, and you have to play your way into these events. 

Golf Main Venues

There are a couple of major venues in the United States, and also a few that are located in other countries. When it comes to the top venue in the United States, Augusta National is by far the biggest. 

Augusta National hosts the Masters each year, and the other major tournaments are held at different courses. Pebble Beach is another main venue that can be found in the United States. 

St. Andrews in the UK is one of the top sites of the Open Championship and that will be the host course of the 2022 event. 

After Covid-19 Details

The sport of golf was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but not nearly as badly as some of the other sports betting. Because golf is played outdoors, the PGA Tour was able to continue holding tournaments although it did cancel some events in 2020.

Some of the first events back were played without fans in attendance. Golfers had to have daily COVID-19 tests to participate. 

Golf Schedule FAQs

Most golf tournaments run from Thursday-Sunday, and there is a “cut” that takes place after the first two rounds. Golfers compete in three-somes for the first two days, and then two-somes after that. These golf tournaments are held all throughout the country.

There are four major golf tournaments: Masters, U.S. Open, Open Championship, PGA Championship

No, there are specific rules for each golf tournament, and some fields are tougher to break into than others. Most tournaments are by invitation-only, or players have a chance to play their way into an event.

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