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The Boise State Broncos have been playing college football since 1933, but they haven’t always been competing at the Division 1 level. Boise State initially offered football at the junior college level and then competed at the Division II FCS level until 1996.

Since moving to the FBS level, Boise State has achieved a ton of success, and they have also gained plenty of popularity. This was accomplished by some stunning upsets in major bowl games, but the Broncos have put together a long string of great seasons.

Another reason that Boise State is so popular is due to the fact that they play football on blue turf. This field has become recognizable throughout the US, and college football fans can easily identify that it is Boise State that is playing.

While Boise State has not ever won a national championship in college football, this school has won some bowl games against some historically good programs. The Mountain West Conference is a deep league, but it is usually Boise State that is carrying the banner for the league.

Boise State Broncos Standings

The Boise State Broncos are a top-performing team in the NCAAF, known for their impressive stats and dynamic gameplay. With a roster full of talented players, the Broncos consistently rank high in the NCAAF standings, always striving for excellence. Fans of the Broncos know to expect exciting and competitive games from this team, who are always working to improve and maintain their position at the top of the league.

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Boise State Broncos Team News and History

Boise State has been at their best when selected to compete in the Fiesta Bowl as the Broncos are a perfect 3-0 in that game. It is in the Fiesta Bowl that the Boise State Broncos have recorded some of their most memorable wins of all time.

Boise State can also make the claim that they are the winningest college football program in history, and it’s really not even that close. The Broncos won nearly 73 percent of their college football games through the 2019 season.

While other teams in the Mountain West Conference have struggled to find success on the national level, that isn’t the case with Boise State.

Recent History

Since 2012, Boise State has won the Mountain West a total of four times and suffered a loss in the title game during the 2020 season. Even in the years in which Boise State was not able to win a conference title, the Broncos still had terrific seasons.

Not only have the Broncos been a contender to win the Mountain West Conference, but they have also racked up 18 straight bowl game appearances from 2002-2019. Only the Wisconsin Badgers had a streak that lasted as long as Boise State during that time.

The 2021 season is the first under head coach Andy Avalos, who took over the program from Bryan Harsin. Boise State is having a disappointing year by their standards this season, but this program has a history of turning things around in a hurry.

Key Players in History

While Boise State has never had a Heisman Trophy winner, there have still been some terrific players suit up for the Broncos. Head coach Chris Petersen was able to land a number of big-time recruits while leading Boise State.

Since the 2006 season, there have been seven different players that have earned All-American honors while playing at Boise State. Quarterback Kellen Moore is arguably the most famous of these players, and he is now the offensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys.

Key Championships

Boise State reached the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) twice under Peterson in 2006 and 2009, and these were the two best teams in the history of Boise State football. The Broncos finished the season ranked fourth in both years, but they celebrated wins in the Fiesta Bowl as if they won a national title.

The 2006 upset win over Oklahoma goes down as one of the most shocking upsets in college football history, and it put Boise State on the map. In 2009, the Broncos once again proved their greatness by knocking off TCU in the Fiesta Bowl.

Conference Outlook

The Boise State Broncos compete in the Mountain West Conference, which is made up of 12 teams. The MWC is split into two divisions, Mountain and West, and Boise State competes in the former division.

Boise State and Utah State have been two of the best programs in the conference over the last two decades, but this is also a competitive league. Having Hawaii in the MWC forces teams to travel a long distance if they are scheduled to face the Rainbow Warriors.

The MWC is not a Power 5 Conference, and that makes it difficult for teams to receive national attention. Teams from this league have been known to upset big-time college football programs, but they aren’t annually getting accepted to major bowl games.

Coaching History

Boise State has had 11 full-time head coaches since the school became a four-year university back in 1968. Eight of the 11 coaches have posted a winning percentage of at least 54 percent, which speaks to the overall success of this program.

It was Chris Petersen that really ascended the Boise State football program to new heights, and he won nearly 89 percent of his games while leading the Broncos. Petersen coached from 2006-2013, and his teams were always highly respected on a national level.

Bryan Harsin followed Petersen up, and he posted a winning percentage of 78 percent while in charge of the Broncos football program. In comparison, there were other coaches that had good records while at Boise State, Petersen and Harsin were able to do it against much better competition.


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Boise State Broncos FAQ’s

Has Boise State ever won a national championship?

The only national championships that Boise State has ever won came at the Junior college level and then at the FCS level.

What conference does Boise State compete in?

Boise State is a member of the Mountain West Conference.

What is the name of the home stadium?

Albertsons Field is the name of the home stadium for Boise State. This field is known for having a blue turf instead of the traditional green color.

Who is the winningest coach in Boise State history?

Chris Petersen is the all-time winningest coach at Boise State, posting a 92-12 record in eight seasons.

Has Boise State had any Heisman Trophy winners?

No, Boise State has not had any Heisman Trophy winners in school history. The Broncos also have not had any players be finalists for the award.

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