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EPL Matchups

Soccer is one of the most popular sports worldwide if not the most popular sport in a lot of areas. The EPL is one of the top leagues in the country for soccer and fans from all over the world tune in for the games. This could be due to some of the young rising stars in the league or that soccer is one of the only sports that hold popularity all over the country due to the ease of access.

EPL Scores and Matchups

Scores for the EPL are easy to manage and get the hang of because soccer is one of the most simplistic games when it comes to scoring. Each goal is just one point and you cannot score any more, or any less than that when it comes to making goals. There are no “3-pointers” or “extra points” so it makes it very simple as you just have to kick a ball in a goal to score a point.

The matchups are all computer generated for the EPL. The matchups in the EPL are called “fixtures”. The fixtures are automatically set by a computer as all that is manual is setting what teams will be the host and then they fill it in automatically.

Understanding EPL Records and Point Spreads

EPL records work just like most other sports records. EPL records are simply win-loss-ties. So if an EPL team had a record of 5-2-3 they would have five wins, two losses, and three ties. This is much like every other sport in the country. The point spreads also work the same as it is generally a “goal spread” and it is most always either 1.5 goals or 2.5 goals. If a game had a spread of -1.5 goals, that team would have to win by two goals or more to beat the spread.

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