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Chicago Bears

The multi-billion dollar global sports behemoth that is the NFL today would look like science fiction to the collection of team representatives that met in Canton, Ohio, in 1920 to create the American Professional Football Association. Keep reading below for more Chicago Bears Stats.

One of those teams was the Decatur Staleys, and one of those representatives was a 25-year-old former New York Yankee and Rose Bowl MVP named George Halas. The Decatur Staleys ended up moving to Chicago, where the bigger crowds were and played in what would later be named Wrigley Field. And as a nod to the Cubs who helped Halas and his team get settled in Chicago, the team was renamed the Bears.
Halas reasoned, “If baseball players are Cubs, then football players must be Bears.” A champion as the Staleys in the final season before the APFA changed its name to the National Football League, the Bears won a lot of games throughout the 1920s but couldn’t win another championship. The 1920s did, however, see the Bears adopt their familiar blue and orange colors, which were made in slightly darker shades than the colors of Halas’s alma mater, the University of Illinois. In 1921 the Green Bay Packers were born, and the Bears also established their longest and most hated rivalry in that first decade of the NFL.

Chicago Bears Standings

The Chicago Bears are a professional American football team based in Chicago, Illinois. The team plays in the National Football League (NFL) as a member of the NFC North division. The Bears have a proud history, including several NFL championships and a storied rivalry with the Green Bay Packers.
With iconic players and a rich legacy, Chicago Bears stats tell a tale of Super Bowl triumph in 1985 and a passionate fanbase. The Bears remain a prominent figure in NFL statistics, cherished by football enthusiasts everywhere.

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Championships by the Chicago Bears

1921 American Professional Football Association

It counts because the APFA became the NFL, and the championship won in 1921 as the Staleys is official. The Staleys actually tied with the Buffalo All-Americans atop the standings, but in a tie-breaker no longer in use, the Staleys were declared the champions because of the two games they split with Buffalo, as the Staleys won the most recent.

1932 NFL Championship

A tie-breaker game between the Bears and Plymouth Spartans was played on the 60-yard field inside Chicago Stadium after a blizzard moved the game indoors. On the shortened field, and with modified rules to accommodate the field, the Bears won 9-0.

1933 NFL Championship

In the first-ever scheduled NFL Championship Game, the Bears beat the Giants, 23-21, with the winning touchdown coming in the final two minutes of the game.

1940 NFL Championship

Sometimes simply referred to as the 73-0 game, the 1940 NFL Championship still stands as the most lopsided game in NFL history. The Bears were the victors over Washington, and 10 different Bears players scored touchdowns.

1941 NFL Championship

In another blowout win, the Bears repeated as NFL Champions, 37-9, over the Giants. Norm Standlee scored a pair of touchdowns, and Bob Snyder kicked three field goals.

1943 NFL Championship

Washington and Sammy Baugh came to Chicago for the championship game, but five touchdown passes from Sid Luckman was the story. The Bears won 41-21.

1946 NFL Championship

It was the 14th NFL Championship Game and the Bears’ fifth title game win in eight appearances. The 24-14 win over the Giants would be the last of nearly two decades at the top for Chicago.

1963 NFL Championship

In the final championship game to be played at Wrigley Field, the Bears beat the Giants 14-10. Linebacker Larry Morris was the game’s MVP.

Super Bowl XX

In the Bears’ lone Super Bowl win, they had one of the most dominant teams in NFL history. With a 15-1 regular-season record, the Bears steamrolled the Patriots, 46-10. Defensive end Richard Dent was the game’s MVP.

Key Stats by the Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears have won a total of nine championships – eight pre-merger and one in the Super Bowl era.

Also appeared in four NFL Championship Games that they failed to win and won the NFC in 2006, only to lose the Super Bowl to the Indianapolis Colts. The Bears have won their division 19 times, including four championships in the NFC North, and have appeared in the postseason a total of 27 times. The Bears have the most franchise wins in NFL history.

Top Players in Chicago Bears History

No team in NFL history can match the 29 members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame that the Bears have. They also have the most retired numbers of any team in history with 14. Most would agree that Walter Payton stands out as the greatest player in Bears’ history.

Payton rushed for 16,726 career yards and scored 110 rushing touchdowns. The greatest defensive player in Bears history is linebacker Dick Butkus, who was a five-time First-Team All-Pro.
The greatest quarterback in team history is Sid Luckman, a four-time NFL Champion. But there are so many other great players of note, including Gale Sayers, who once scored six touchdowns in one game. Bronko Nagurski was a fullback and linebacker and a four-time First-Team All-Pro. Mike Ditka won a Super Bowl as a coach but was also a Hall of Fame tight end and won a championship as a player in 1963. Also on that team was linebacker Bill George, an eight-time First-Team All-Pro. That great 1985 Bears defense turned out Hall of Famers Dan Hampton, Richard Dent, and Mike Singletary. And in more recent years, the great Bears tradition of linebackers was carried on by Brian Urlacher, a Hall of Fame inductee in 2018.

Top Coaches in Chicago Bears History

The first half of the Bears’ existence is defined by one coach, George Halas. Not only was he the best coach for the franchise’s first 48 years as a team, but he was also the only coach. Halas took two years off from coaching in the 1950s and a couple of years off during World War II, but from 1920 through 1967, he was the team owner as well as its head coach.
He won 324 games over 40 seasons as a coach and eight NFL Championships as a coach and owner. So much of what is commonplace today was first pioneered by Halas. Daily practices and film sessions were first done by Halas. He was also the first coach to put assistants in the press box. The first NFL radio broadcasts were also Halas’s idea. The only other Bears coach to top 100 wins is Mike Ditka, the winner of Super Bowl XX. One of the most popular Bears in history, as both a coach and a player, Ditka won the NFL Coach of the Year award twice in Chicago.

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