How Much To Bet?

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In the long term, opting for value odds and choosing the highest sports odds in relation to the betting market is what will allow us to be more profitable.

The odds reflect the probability that an event will occur. If you divide 100% by the odds, you will get the result of that event occurring.  But in sports betting, you have to take into account other factors, as well.

If you’re not careful, there will come a time when you take losses so big that they can wipe out the bankroll. To avoid this, you must know how much to bet on each of your sports bets.

Understanding the Sports Betting Stake?

The stake in the world of sports betting refers to the amount or percentage of money that you invest in each of your bets.

It should be based on the risk that the bet represents and the total available in your account to bet or bankroll.

Total Percentage in Each Bet

In general, the total percentage to use in each bet should not exceed 10% of your total. This is to avoid losing too much money on a bet and keep your bankroll growing as much as possible.

However, in the event that you are starting out in the world of betting, it is advisable not to bet more than 5% of your funds. This is because new bettors often lose more at the beginning.

Calculating the Stakes

Each bet uses its own formula to assign a risk to its bets, but in general, the following is followed:

  • A stake of 10: 5% of your total bankroll is assigned
  • A stake of 9: 4.5% of the total
  • A stake of 8: 4% of the bankroll
  • A stake of 7: 3.5%
  • A stake of 6: 3%
  • A stake of 5: 2.5%
  • A stake of 4: 2%
  • A stake of 3: 1.5%
  • A stake of 2: 1%
  • A stake of 1: 0.5%

Bets with a stake of nine to 10 are bets you are sure to have the highest probability of occurring. Here come the safe bets, or those we have thoroughly investigated to know what will happen unless something unexpected occurs. 

As for the seven to eight bets, these are bets with a very high probability of occurrence due to “secret” information that we have found.

Highly experienced professional players often use stakes ranging from seven to 10 as they have the opportunity to spot opportunities where other bettors would not see them. For five and six, you must place the bets of the average bettors.

Analysis of the Statistics

After an analysis of the statistics and past occurrences, they have determined that a bet has a high probability of occurring. These bets must not exceed 3% of your total available bet.

For the three and four bets, here are those bets that we are not very confident in, as there is not enough data to make an informed decision. Try not to place bets in this place, as you will usually throw your money away.

Finally, we have the bets with a stake of one and two. Here, the bets are usually for fun or recreation since they are the stake assigned to bets that we make on a whim or to follow our favorite team.

Risks and Benefits of Using Stakes

One of the most significant risks of using stakes is the popular techniques spread around the internet related to them.


These techniques, such as the well-known Martingale, are very dangerous for average bettors since they try to double your bets as you lose, forcing you to bet regardless of your losses, which can lead to financial ruin.

Another problem with stakes is that they can be very addictive. In case a technique like Martingale works for you, people become obsessed with profits, so they try it again and again to achieve better results.

This, of course, always ends badly, leaving the person in debt for the rest of his life, in the best of cases.


The main advantage of having stakes in your bets is to have greater confidence when betting. In addition, it helps you better understand the risk points of your bets, which stimulates greater analysis and awareness of what you are betting on.

Of course, you will also have the security that in case of failure, you will not lose an amount that affects your bankroll or your economy.

Another great advantage is that thanks to the stakes, you will significantly reduce our losses, especially when you are starting to place your sports bets. This is because this is when you do not know how much you should allocate to each bet.

This control will also help you when you have a losing streak, which is where the average bettor loses more of his bankroll.

This occurs because, when they lose, they want to recover losses quickly. In order to do so, they usually bet more significant amounts and wager more frequently. 

Tips to Manage Your Balance

Knowing how much to bet is just part of the equation. It’s essential to have discipline and follow a few guidelines to improve your chances of coming out ahead.

Be Clear on What You Can Spend

The only one who can help you is yourself. With most bookmakers, you can limit your spending on a weekly or monthly basis.

This is important, especially when first getting started. Knowing your spending limit is the best way to control your balance and not fall into excess.

Know You’re Going To Lose

You followed one of the betting recommendations of a well-known tipster and still lost – it’s going to happen, and even the sharpest sharps lose. It was bad luck, but don’t try to recover what you lost yet.

Remember that you may be a bit dazed from the loss, so it’s best to focus and try again when you’re back in your usual excellent form. Then surely you make the right choice.

Set a Profit Limit

This seems like a platitude, but it is a mistake that many of us fall into. Mark an amount from which you start withdrawing part of the money from the account.

Playing with the winnings gives you peace of mind when it comes to continuing to bet, so try to withdraw the amount deposited as soon as you obtain a certain level of profit. 

If things continue to grow, start making withdrawals so as not to lose what you are earning. This way, you will know that you always play with profits, and you will be able to risk more in your bets looking to increase the box.

Sometimes, sports betting tips related to managing your balance are more important than how to bet.

Take Advantage of Bonuses

Read the Terms and Conditions of the sportsbooks. Make a plan of spending them in the most advantageous way possible for you and get the most out of them. 

Tips For Placing Sports Bets

Just like there are tips for knowing how much to bet and how to manage your bankroll, there are also tips for being successful when placing a bet. These are as important as controlling your spending. 

Cooler Heads Prevail

It’s also best to stay calm when betting. Don’t let a bad outcome spoil the rest of your betting activity, and definitely don’t let it influence your next wager. If you don’t have a clear mind, walk away until you do.

Stick to What You Know 

Although it seems like one of the most obvious sports betting tips, in practice, we all make this mistake. Focus on your favorite sports and ignore the rest.

If you are a football fan and know nothing about volleyball, don’t bet on volleyball.

Follow the Statistics

You already know that there are several factors that can mark a game. However, these are not always taken into account when it comes to betting recommendations.

Even weather conditions can affect the outcome. If the Miami Dolphins are playing the New England Patriots in New England in December, they’re not used to that frigid weather.

Parlay Bets Offer Bigger Returns

Review the different events that are played, and you will surely find three or four games with more than feasible markets to mount a parlay bet.

It’s always more difficult to get four results right in sports betting than one, but if you have the patience to search and choose the right matches and markets, you can make significant profits without spending a lot of money. 

Don’t look for odds excessively high, and don’t push your luck. More than five games in the same parlay may be excessive.

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How much to bet? FAQs

You can have any amount of bankroll; it’s all about what you are comfortable with. This might be $2,000. It could be $2,000, while for others, it might be $50,000. No matter what, you need to make sure it’s money that you can afford to lose.

No. Hard work and studying are the best ways to win at sports betting. However, these elements do not guarantee a payout. A 54%-58% winning percentage is the mark of a successful sports gambler.

One unit is the most money you wager on a particular game. Common units are $100 units, but others may use 50 units or 1,000 units. You’d be betting five units if you wager $500 on a contest and use $100 units.

The bettor selects one or more athletes or teams to bet on. If all their predictions are correct, the bettor wins a larger payout than a series or individual bet. All legs of the parlay must win, or the bettor will lose.

Although betting on any sport can be challenging, it is possible to find more value by researching and betting on lesser-known sports and leagues. This is because less information is available about them from both the oddsmakers as well as the betting public.