How To Bet On Politics

How to Bet on Politics

How To Bet On Politics: Popular Elections to bet on

Sports betting is the most popular market for most people that participate in online wagering. However, how to bet on Politics is big business, with many bookmakers offering bets on political races around the world. 

The markets for betting on political outcomes have been around for many years, with various ways to wager on U.S. and international political events.

Betting on politics has many of the same principles as sports betting, which makes it easier for a casual sports bettor to transition their betting strategies to the political landscape. 

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How to Wager on U.S. Elections

There are many different types of wagers available for betting on U.S. elections, depending on the player’s interests. The most straightforward approach is to open an account with an online sportsbook. 

The online bookmaker will offer a variety of types of bets in addition to the standard accumulators and single bets.

Because election winners are decided by public opinion, it can sometimes be a tough betting market to predict. 

Popular Election Betting Markets

The most common political wagers in online betting are made on presidential elections.

These events typically have the attention of most of the country and sometimes the entire world, which gives the bettor sufficient information to make an informed wager. 

There is never a lack of information from the news media and independent statistical firms on the most popular political races. However, online bookmakers have recently started to offer odds on a few different political markets.

2024 U.S Presidential Election Odds

Odds for the 2024 U.S. presidential election have already been posted on many political betting sites. Just like any other futures bet, the odds will change as the election draws closer. 

The crazy nature of betting on this election market is partly due to Donald Trump winning in 2016 after being a +475 underdog on election night.

This led to the 2020 presidential election getting more betting action than any other election in history. Here are some other popular political markets:

U.S. Congressional Elections

Elections for U.S. Congress take place every two years, with all 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives waiting to be filled in the next election.

Thirty-four seats in the Senate will also be contested, providing a lot of opportunities for bettors to make a profit.

Political Referendum

Politics betting doesn’t only involve picking a candidate. Sometimes bookmakers will post odds on the outcomes of political referendums that are placed on the ballot for an upcoming election. 

Mayoral Elections

Big cities like New York and Chicago hold some of the most coveted mayoral positions in the world. This has made betting on mayoral races in big cities throughout the world a popular political market to wager. 

Local Elections

There are many local elections with less media coverage than state or national races for positions such as district attorney, mayor or local judge.

These are much harder to predict without the bettor being familiar with the area in some capacity.

U.K. Prime Minister

Politics in the U.K. has become one of the most popular political betting markets. The difference between here and elections in the U.S. is that there are no term limits.

A British prime minister can remain in office for as long as their party is in power in the House of Commons. If the party loses its majority, a new prime minister may be installed.

Types of Political Bets

There are four main types of bets when wagering on the outcome of political events:

Futures Bets

A futures bet is when the bettor selects an outright winner of an election. Players only need to pick the winner of a race to win the wager.

It could take a long time to see results if betting months before the election. However, the early odds could be worth betting on and help turn a big profit for the player.

Prop Bets

Political prop bets are one area in political betting that has advanced in recent years.

These secondary betting markets have betting lines on things such as whether an elected official will finish their term or the words a politician might use during a campaign speech.

If the event is big enough, players can be sure to find betting lines available to wager. 


Equal to head-to-head betting in motorsports or golf, this bet is offered when multiple candidates are running for the same office.

The head-to-head market gives odds on how well a candidate will perform against another in an individual matchup.

The wager has conditions, such as the wager being voided if the two candidates never match up.

Over/Under Bets

Over/under, or total bets, are when a bookmaker provides lines on how many points are scored in a game or how often a specific event will take place.

For example, players may find odds on whether a candidate will receive over or under a specific number of electoral votes in a presidential election.

Political Betting Tips

Politics can be a very volatile betting market. The most important aspect when learning how to bet on politics is that the bettor is informed on the races they plan to wager by staying on top of the news and the current political climate. 

This information can go far in making players a nice profit. Experts also advise players to have more than one betting account to get the best value on every wager.

There Is No Need for a Daily Adjustment

The odds on political events don’t need to be adjusted every day like in professional sports, so the bookmakers are sometimes slower to change their odds when circumstances dictate.

It’s always nice for the player when they can find a better line before it’s changed. 

Players that bet on politics should also have several news sources to collect information on a candidate and keep a close eye on who the polls favor leading up to an election.

If one party has a low approval rating, the other party will always promise to make changes. 

Results for the party in power could turn out worse than expected, as the public expresses their displeasure with the incumbent at the polls.

Pay Attention to Scandals

Bettors should also pay attention to any scandals and how the public feels about them. Scandals have been shown to have a huge impact on which candidate wins or loses at the polls on election day. 

This is typical during midterm elections in the U.S., where the party in power often loses its advantage in Congress.

Trends That May Affect Future of U.S. Federal Elections

The party of the current President has lost an average of 26 seats in the House and four seats in the Senate in midterm elections since the end of World War II. This trend is likely to continue far into the future of U.S. federal elections. 

There are also sometimes odd candidates in political races who have a history of losing. This is true for those who may make a promise that will be impossible for them to keep.

The current political betting market is one that can be taken advantage of in the upcoming 2024 election, where players have the potential to make it.

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How to Bet on Politics FAQs

Who makes the odds for betting on the U.S. Presidential election?

The same oddsmakers that work together with U.S. sportsbooks are the same ones that post the odds for political betting markets. There’s a math algorithm for presidential outcomes which uses things like early voter turnout, polling data, population, and the total amount wagered on each side to determine updated political betting odds.

Where can I bet on U.S. politics?

Many online bookmakers offer betting on politics, such as presidential elections. Those interested in making wagers on politics must first set up an online account with a reputable and licensed sportsbook that offers political wagering odds. There are also many licensed land-based casinos with sports betting operations that provide lines on various political races.

What political events can I wager on?

This depends on the online provider the bettor chooses. As long as you live in an area where political betting is legal, local online bookmakers should offer odds on the most popular markets like presidential and congressional races. This can sometimes be extended to include other international events that are in the public eye. 

How do I bet on a U.S. presidential election?

It’s not difficult for players that want to learn how to bet on politics, especially the U.S. presidential election. There are several sports betting providers offering players a chance to wager on this event. These sites always have futures betting for the next presidential election as one of the betting markets. A wager made early enough can sometimes result in a big profit for the player.

Can I claim a deposit bonus when I sign up online for political betting?

Yes. Almost all legal online sportsbooks offer new players a welcome bonus when they open an account and make their first deposit. This new account promotion is available for all new players, no matter what betting market they decide to wager on. Players should always be sure to read the terms and conditions before accepting any online sportsbook bonus.