Overtime Rules for Sports Betting

Overtime rules for sports betting

NFL overtime rules: Parlay, Prop Bets & Live Betting

experienced bettors can lose a bet if they don’t fully understand NFL overtime rules.

You should ensure that you read all details about the bets you place. This phrase is very common, and you should assume that most plays:

-money line

-point spread

-point total

Include overtime. You can expect player props to also include overtime in most cases.

These plays show that overtime is beneficial when you hope that a play will go over and vice versa for plays you want to go under.

Sports That Include Overtime

In the U.S., each major sport includes overtime rules. However, there are some variations that bettors need to know. 

In football and basketball, overtime scoring is found in moneyline, points spread, and over/under betting. Second-half bets include overtime scoring, as well. In MLB and the NHL, because there are no quarters or halves, there are no second-half rules

There are also bets that don’t include overtime. Fourth-quarter betting in basketball and football doesn’t. In MLB, all bets are action, but extra innings don’t count. In the NHL, third-period betting doesn’t include overtime. 

Betting on NFL Overtime

It’s important to understand overtime rules when learning how to bet on football. Many online betting sites for NFL have a disclaimer that states “all bets including overtime” unless stated otherwise.

Although it can be hard to predict whether a game will go into overtime, this won’t affect the most popular NFL betting types. 

Betting Markets Type

With markets such as moneyline, point spreads, and player props, you can be confident in placing your wagers. Totals also include any NFL overtime.

Live betting is possible on an NFL game going to overtime. This is often listed as “end of fourth-quarter result is a tie.”

Different Types of OT Bets

There are different types of OT bets in the NFL, although they follow the same patterns as others: 

-Moneyline Overtime

-Point Spread Overtime

-Over/Under Overtime

-Prop/Parlay Overtime Bets

New NFL OT Rules

In the past, the team that scored first in overtime won the game. These rules were changed by the NFL a decade ago, and each team now gets one possession.

The rules were marked with an “asterisk” as the game would be over if the first possession ended in a touchdown.

The 2022 season brought another change to overtime play. Now, both teams will still have possession, but a sudden-death format was introduced if the score was still tied after each. However, the rule only applies to the postseason as a form of test.

NFL Overtime Rules Affect Betting

This last rule is crucial to remember as we look at how NFL overtime rules affect betting. This rule applies only to the playoffs. The regular season will continue under the old rules. A touchdown in overtime will end the game.

There won’t be a playoff game in which the outcome of the coin toss has a significant impact on the winner.

While a team that scores first might put pressure on the opponent, they still have a chance of evening the score.

Spread Betting and Overtime

One of the most popular ways to bet on sports is on the point spread for a match or game. It is important to know that the point spread includes overtime when betting on the spread.

The point spread includes overtime, so even if the teams are tied at the regulation’s end, it is the score at overtime that will determine the outcome of your bet.

Because it is so easy to understand, betting on the point spread is very popular. Spread betting allows bettors the freedom to place a wager on a team staying within certain points, rather than having to pick a moneyline winner.

Overtime Period

The overtime period is one of the most confusing aspects of point-spread betting. A sports bettor who bets a lot of money can find it difficult to watch overtime.

Overtime periods can extend the game for a longer time than normal, which can have a negative effect on certain bets.

Basketball Overtime and the Point Spread

When overtime is involved, it can be difficult to wager the point spread in basketball. For example, the New Orleans Pelicans are playing the Milwaukee Bucks, with New Orleans the -4.5% favorite. Regulation time ends, and the game is tied at 101 apiece.

Didn’t Beat the Spread

Although the Pels didn’t beat the spread (-4.5) at the end of regulation, they were still able to win this spread bet.

However, it is decided only in time. This means that bettors on the Bucks (+4.5) must endure over time, even if they are within the spread after four quarters.

Overtime periods usually cause more trouble for bettors who chose to go with the underdog.

Soccer Spread Betting and Overtime

The soccer point spread is quite different from other major sports because overtime is rarely required. Sometimes, soccer matches end in ties. This makes overtime very rare.

There are three types of soccer matches that can go into overtime. They include:

-club knockout tournaments

-international knockout tournaments

-domestic club tournaments

Soccer’s Point Spread

Because of the possibility of penalty kicks following extra time in some matches, soccer’s point spread is slightly different from other major sports.

If the teams are tied after 30 minutes, the point spread is set at 0.0. This means that the favorite cover spread loses, and the underdog wins.

FIFA: Governing Body of Soccer

Slowly, FIFA, the governing body of soccer, has begun to take more time from domestic tournaments and other competitions. This means that this detail may be something you won’t have to worry about in the near future.

The aggregate scores, extra time, and the spread can all be confusing in soccer. Rarely, two soccer teams will face off in overtime, with the combined score of the two matches being the final score that determines the winner.

Spread Betting Overtime and Live Betting

Overtime can be used to cancel wagers placed before the game, but it also gives you new opportunities to place wagers if you have significant knowledge.

If you’ve learned any information during the game, overtime is a great time to place a point spread wager. If a game is in overtime, it means that the entire game was played before the extra period.

Fouls and Penalties

Fouls and penalties in football, soccer, or basketball can accumulate over time, making it difficult for a player to play.

If key players are absent due to:

-yellow or red cards (soccer)

-personal foul penalty (football)

-and fouling out (basketball)

The odds of success can change dramatically. Although momentum in a game can’t really be measured, it has an impact on the outcome. Make sure you don’t place your live overtime point spread bet on a team that just returned to tie the game.

Parlay and Prop Bets and Overtime

Parlay betting consists of multiple moneylines, spreads and total wagers across various games. These markets are called legs.

Combining different legs creates a unique market that pays a greater payout than the sum of individual wagers.


Parlays can have a huge ROI if the wager wins. This huge payout is due to the high risk of a failed parlay.

Future bets and props, definitely at the best online sportsbooks, are included in overtime because they cover the entire game, not just a particular period. For example, take this prop MLB game where you bet on Chris Bassitt getting eight. 

Your bet remains active even if the game ends in a tie at the end of the ninth inning. If he only gets seven strikeouts, it is still valid. If Bassitt gets nine strikeouts in the extra innings, your wager is “over.”

Your parlay remains active, or is yet to be resolved, in the event of a game going into overtime. It is possible that one of the wager’s legs may win during the extended period.

However, the wager could be canceled if one leg loses after overtime. Bettors can also find prop bets specific to overtime. It is usually a wager on whether or not the match will reach overtime.

Other Props

Other props that are available for overtime include “no changes in OT” and a wager on whether substitutes will be used to replace a team over a longer period.

This is a common wager, so you can add OT-specific prop betting to your parlays. The question is not whether or not these bets can be added to your parlay, but whether they are worth it. OT props are at risk of not being successful.

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NFL overtime rules FAQs

Yes. When bettors place a wager on the point spread, it includes overtime. The outcome of the bet depends on the final score of the game, including OT.

While it’s simple to place a bet on the winner of a playoff match, the spread offers the best value. The new NFL playoff overtime rule will most likely affect games with close spreads, as statistics show that these are the most likely to reach overtime.

Second-half bets can include overtime, as mentioned previously. If you bet on a team’s win in the second half, then overtime will be played.

A fourth-quarter bet does not include overtime, even though it is included in a second-half bet. Fourth-quarter betting and third-period betting for hockey follow the same rules as other quarter or period bets.

The betting market will be affected by the new NFL overtime rule, but the most significant change will be to the point total. The previous rule only allowed six points, but there could now be as many as three possessions. That would equal 20 points if each team scored a touchdown. This makes a huge difference in the over/under.